Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm not writing MJ's obituary

I'm sure we'll all remember where we were when we found out Michael Jackson died. We'll remember Thriller and ABC 123. Even younger people will remember when he came out on stage for the MTV Movie Awards with N'Sync in 2001. But what I'll remember the most is that time Michael Jackson molested all those little boys. All day today on Hot 97 they're playing MJ songs. While we're at it, let's all "become fans" of Meagan's Law on Facebook?! When OJ dies is ESPN going to run "OJ's greatest runs of all time" (I will not insult you with a cheap White Bronco joke). Just kidding, I am.

"Even in death, we need to keep it real"
-Jesus Christ
Proverbs 7:24


Stridie said...

Love the proverb, lol

Sally-Sal said...

That Jesus says the darndest things!