Friday, January 30, 2009

Comeback Falls Short

Reich and Tang fell short last night 45-38. But I really can't get down about this loss. We were getting our asses handed to us 32-16 in the second half when we stormed back with a 14-1 run. We were absolutely gassed by then and couldn't maintain our intensity and ended up losing by 7. I will say that with a shot clock, we might have completed the greatest "comeback of all time" but it was not meant to be. Props to Dre and myself for bringing this team back from the dead. LOL, seriously, everyone did a great job playing as a team in the second half. It definitely helped that Estrada sat on the bench during that comeback, using an orange safety cone as a microphone and encouraging us... what a jerk! Anyway, here are some pics of the game.

...and Boom goes the dynamite!

I caught the "and 1" on this play... and promptly missed the ensuing free throw

Dre loves playing in the box

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Quote of the Week: Starbucks... Fucking Starbucks

"It takes two seconds to tell the truth and it costs nothing. A lie takes time and it costs everything."
-- Randi Rhodes

RNT Harry Ballerz!

So the RNT squad takes the court tonight needing a win like most of us need a razor. We'll be a couple of key pieces short as MP forgot his clothers and Dre and J need to go get haircuts. I know- you can't make this shit up.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Steal from another website Wednesday!

13th Bullet- Bulletproof
Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Boink.

I stole this from a really funny blog- Check it out!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Max Payne: 3 Second Review

RUN! Don't walk away from this horse shit movie.

I almost creamed my pants when I saw the trailer for this movie. It looked AWESOME! Alas, I was fucking PWN3D! by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch because this movie consisted of two cool scenes and a whole bunch of nonsense. I know Mark Whalberg is from Boston but after the 10th scene where he uses one bullet to kill 4 guys, I'd had enough. Not only that, but my man got blasted in the stomach at point blank range with a shotgun and not only got up- but grabbed the guy and beat him to death with his own shotgun, what?! Trust me it sounds a lot cooler than it looked in the movie.

Ooh, and Mila Kunis is in this movie. In the credits she is listed as "inappropriately hot chick with big guns that kills everyone and can dodge bullets". Yea, its pretty horrible. Ludacris is in it... 'nuff said.

P.S. Nellie Furtado is in this movie. I say this as another reason not to watch it.

Tuesday Puzzle Part 2

So apparently, the last rebus wasn't very challenging. (My friends are wicked smaht)
Here's round two and it's a lot harder... that's what she said.

Tuesday Puzzle

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Thanks to CT for the puzzle.

New Tattoo

I probably won't get this one until after basketball season ends but it's pretty dope. I'm going to put it right in between my shoulder blades a little lower than the bone at the top of the spine.
Thanks to Jess for the design!

Monday, January 26, 2009


A couple weeks ago, I got invited on a ski trip at Hunter Mountain. I was a little hesitant because I'm not really that good a skier. Yea, I learned to ski about the same time I learned to walk but stopped when I was ten and didn't start again until 3 years ago. I decided to go and had a BLAST! We all got to Hunter around 8:30 before the lifts opened, had a little breakfast, then put on our game faces. The reason I mentioning all this was because I had never been skiing so early, but now that I have, I'll never do anything else. We were able to shred all day and the best part was that it being a Monday- there was no one else on the mountain. We would bomb down the mountain and ski right into the quad lift and up we went. I didn't wait for more than 15 seconds for a lift all day. And we got one of the last chairs up at the end of the day, so we got to go down the mountain to an audience. All an all, I did well. I did every run, except for one double black, but I did do another double and all the single blacks at least 4 times. It definitely helped to be with a group that knows what their doing and can shred. Thanks to Mia, for not taking "no" for an answer. Thanks.

P.S. My favorite run is the WAY OUT and DROP OFF. They both had the razor sharp turns that if your flying down and really lean into you edges you bombing around the corner with your ear touching the ground. Was it necessary to take that turn that fast? No, but then again most fun things in life are completely unnecessary. Grip 'n Rip. I'm just serious.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So, I'm trying to work on some staples for my blog. One of them is going to be "Someone else's story". I think it's a good idea and the stories or opinions will be confidential- so if you have anything good email me or let me know. I should have all the staples figured out by next week, thanks.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Colbert on The Mets new patch

RNT Brick Party!

RNT took the court last night and the results were the same as softball... but just like softball, we're about to turn a corner. We could have won last night if the other team hadn't brought a 6'6" monster to the game. We held our own and made a little run at the end. Here are some terrible picks of the game below. I mean how hard are the following instructions? TAKE AS MANY PICS OF ME AS POSSIBLE! Well, apparently the answer is very because these are all I got. Enjoy!

This is Nunes- He's not as good as this picture suggests

Quite the action shot of me...

Yea, that's me too...

Estrada getting blocked by the whitest guy ever

I'm number 1- on the court and in your hearts!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Friday, January 9, 2009

Snapshot of the Week: Beaver eating wood


It's almost game time and I'm nervous. It's not so much losing as it is whom we might be losing to. The Eagles represent Philly, which just may be the white trashiest to north of the Mason-Dixon line. I'm not joking- I'd be willing to bet there are some serious Nascar lovers in that rat trap. So just remember that when your watching the game Sunday at 1PM, you're not only rooting for the Giants, but you're also rooting for our football team; you're rooting for our city and America. Don't root against America people! I'm just serious.

Rebus of the week! Part 2

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Rebus of the week!

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I can reade too!

This really should have been titled "Pet Peeve #811" because really this shit annoys me to no end. Let me paint you a picture- no not literally, jackass.

You finish watching a movie; it can be at a theatre or the comfort of your home, no matter, when some massive douche says "the book was better". Take this moment to visualize me roundhouse kicking the perp in the jaw.

I have two problems with this pompous log of shit. The first is that they say it as though they have just blasted us in the face with some profound knowledge. I mean, when someone says "the movie was better", that is when I'll be somewhat interested in your groundbreaking nugget that the 700 page book was better than it's hour-and-a-half cinematic counterpart!

My second, and this is a big one- see if you can keep up, is that numb nuts said that NOT to really inform you that the book was better so you can go out now and read it, because no one does that shit and they know it. No, they said "the book was better" just to inform your illiterate ass they they actually read a book! FUCKING A! I knew you could read but The DaVinci Code?! I had no idea that you could manage to get through a 300 page book written at a 4th grade reading level. This is amaze-tastic! I'm going to split your head open just to give your massive cerebellum more room to grow because obviously your melon is suffocating your thirst for knowledge, that can only be obtained by reading ridiculous fiction books. Condescend this:

Monday, January 5, 2009

Eagle Eye: 3 Second Review

"Horseshit- everything about this movie could never happen including Michele Monaghan getting rehired for the sequel."

This movie is like a combination of Old School (if Old School wasn't funny), The Rock (if The Rock didn't have any cool action scenes) and The Departed (if The Departed had no good actors)... so what I'm saying is this movie was nothing like any of those movies. Here's the deal, if you can watch Eagle Eye without saying "really?! Are you kidding me?" I will refund you all the monies you paid for this review.


The basketball game was great (see below) but not close to the best part of my weekend. Not remotely.

On a whim, I called my best friend Tracy, from high school and we made plans to meet up Saturday. Well, she came up with another great friend, Alyssa. They originally only planned on staying for a couple of drinks but stayed for hours. Absolutely nothing has changed. They still smile the same, laugh the same, cry the same (yes, there was crying). It made me feel good that even after 10 years 4 people could sit down and talk like we saw each other yesterday. It made me happy, it was a fulfilling type of happiness. Lol, everyone says you don't know what you've got 'till it's gone. I didn't realize what I lost 'till I got it back. That's not some "I'm so wise and introspective comment (although I kinda am and it kinda is, lol) Hopefully, we'll be joining each other at the Garden for the Bruins- Rangers game!

Game Time!

The loud cheers were interrupted by a knock at the door. The door was directly behind me so I couldn't see who entered- but really, I didn't care. I was in heaven. I had my feet up on the seats in front of me, lightly holding my ice cold drink- half in my hand have on my knee. I was staring at 15,000 people.

The room got very quiet all of a sudden, which at TD Garden, home of the World Champion Celtics, was a little weird. When I turned all the way around I was staring at the championship trophy. It's pretty gaudy when you actually see it- just a solid gold statue and a lot smaller than you would think; I feel like there's and Italian guy somewhere that would love to wear it like a chain around his neck. We all took turns taking pictures with it- now, I'm not a Celts fan but you don't have to be to appreciate getting the opportunity to take a picture with it. I imagine it's like girls seeing a famous celebrity and getting a quick pic to remember it. It's funny because you're not allowed to pick up the trophy. It seems like common sense why not- but the quarter size dent on the front of the basketball makes it seem REALLY obvious. Apparently, some wicked shit hammered fans tried reenacting Kevin Garnett lifting the trophy and dropped it. EHHHH, what are you going to do? Faaack 'em.

Pop Champagne